Remember how songs used to come out and be the jam... but you would get tired of it after awhile..THEN they would hit you with the REMIX and the same song would be hot all over again? That's the premise of The Love Remix! Giving couples a chance to make good love a stronger and newer love!

Every relationship, especially romantic ones, require ongoing work. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight on not only yourself, but the needs of your partner. Whether you’ve agreed to become one in marriage or are on the path to holy matrimony, you know there’s effort required to keep you
and yours going. This is where many couples should seek outside help in keeping their bonds strong and unbreakable.

A single weekend spent at a marriage or couples retreat cannot fix a broken relationship, so don’t think of it as your saving grace. Think of Love Remix as a tool that acts as a good first step toward rebuilding some of the connection and trust that may have been lost. Marriage/couple’s retreats force couples to interact and focus on the challenges they are facing together. This is often a step toward solving long-term problems and reconnecting as a couple.

Love Remix is about hope, love, and relationships renewed...

The Love Remix Events:

Our events are based on three things...

1. Learning

We know relationships are not perfect but sometimes finding a different way to address an issues can help greatly. We only utilize speakers that have several years of experience handling issues as it pertains to couples. Our goal is to help strengthen relationships!

2. Reconnecting Time

Sometimes life just puts you in a rut! As a couple, you need to get away from "regular life" sometimes just to reconnect. A time to just foucs on you two. Love remix gives you that time. Not only does it give you the time, it allows you mingle with other couples working to improve their relationships.

3. Having Fun

We want you guys to have fun! We will always plan events with our retreats. The next Love remix in September 13-15th, 2019 will have a live band and awesome dj to set the party mood. It can't be all learnin' and no funnin'!


In conclusion, you may already realize your marriage isn’t perfect, but think it’s okay.  But when you go to the Love remix, you will realize your marriage can be so much greater. A chance to learn from people that have actually been "there".

Next Event:

The Love Remix Couples Retreat & Staycation - HOUSTON
September 13th - 15th

Houston CityPlace Marriott at Springwoods Village
1200 Lake Plaza Drive
Spring, Texas 77389